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Brora Community

The church is active in the community with activities for children, adults and the older residents in the local Oversteps Home in Dornoch.

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Holiday Club

The Holiday Club takes place in the last week of the school holidays, for all Primary School aged children in the area.

Each year it has a theme We have had a market place, an oasis, a beach scene and many more. The club usually runs for four days, Tuesday to Friday, 10 am – 12 noon, with refreshments half way through the morning. On the Friday night we invite the holiday clubbers and their family and friends to come and join us for an evening of fun and food in the School  Our very willing and able Team of leaders and helpers are waiting to welcome you this year in August (dates to be confirmed).

Clyne Storykeepers

Clyne Storykeepers meet on Sunday mornings during school term time. We meet during the church service, which starts at 10.30 a.m. During the second hymn of the service the Storykeepers leave and cross to the Church Hall, where we spend the remaining 40 minutes learning something from the Bible. Sometimes we watch DVD’s that tell us about Jesus and God and then we do puzzles or teaching related to the story of the day. We have used material from the Storykeepers series, that’s how we got our name, and more recently Friends & Heroes and Auto-B-Good. The teaching is varied and fun and this is just a wee peek at what we do. Storykeepers is open to all Primary School aged children and older if they wish to join us. If we know that there are younger children wishing to come too, then we can make provision for them as well.

Prayer and Bible Study Group

Meets each Friday afternoon at 2.30pm in the Clyne Church Hall.

We begin with short prayer, followed by a hymn and Bible Study.  There is always opportunity to discuss the passage and ask questions.  The rest of the time is devoted to prayer for the church and its ongoing work, for the sick and the bereaved of the community and for troubles in various parts of the world.  There is no pressure put on anyone to pray out loud, I'm sure God hears our silent prayers just as well.

We take a collection which is given to things like Bible Society, support of Missionaries, local needs etc.  

We are a very small group who would really welcome new members coming to join us.

Women's Fellowship

The Women's Fellowship within Clyne Church is a lively group of members who have served God, Church and Community over many years.

A welcoming atmosphere awaits all who wish to join us at our meetings which include a time of devotion followed by a guest speaker sharing their varied experiences of life.

Our efforts continue to be blessed so enabling us to support our Church both spiritually and financially.