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Support Services

Funerals and bereavement:  

Our minister is available for funerals and pastoral care for those who have experienced a bereavement.  Contact is normally made with one of the local funeral directors in the first instance, but the minister can also be contacted directly.

Tape System

All services in Clyne Church are recorded on cassette tapes.  At present, we have four church members who receive them regularly.  The tapes are available to those who are housebound for health reasons and to those who maybe temporarily in hospital.  Those who receive the tapes greatly appreciate them, and feel part of the congregation.

On occasions, families ask for wedding/christening services to be taped.

The system could be improved on and perhaps it may need updating in the future.


Clyne Church has a representative from the congregation linking it with 'Oversteps' the Church of Scotland home in Dornoch.  Representatives from other churches in Sutherland make up a group called 'The Friends of Oversteps'. The group meets at least four times in a year.  The group is responsible for presenting an annual report to the Crossreach Volunteer Development Co-ordinator in June.  In addition to committee meetings, the group delivers birthday cards on appropriate dates, organises a trolley shop and holds 'games afternoons' once a month.

Recently, an Activities Co-ordinator was appointed and the Residents are enjoying new activities.